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Derek Wernher
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    “My representational work does not dictate a story but, rather, captures a moment.  We are all singular people, individuals who do certain things.   It is our own life.  As in 'The Gamblers', one man is about to be surprised he has lost.  How did he lose?  What’s his personality or perception?  The boy balancing on a rock is really in his own world.  Everything is internalized.  The grandfather sharing an ice cream cone with a child is all there.  It is a moment of youth, old age, and love.  'What can I give you, little man?'  All these works focus on the portrayal of the ‘self’ of the individual.  We are all solitary yet we are part of the universe.  I create art that is intense.  It is irrelevant that the scene depicts action or tranquility.  The moment is the moment, and that is enough.

— Derek Wernher, Jan. 2004




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